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Keeping up with information about your dog is important to your dog's health and happiness.  Here are some articles that might be helpful.

17 Dec 2012    Dietary indiscretion
30 Apr 2010    Useful Terms

30 Mar 2010    Traveling with your pet

 Traveling with your pet can be rewarding but challenging if not enough preparation has been made.  Planning will help your trip go smoother and should include acquiring any paperwork that is needed, consideration of the temperatures to be experienced and how to deal with them, and obtaining equipment that will make the trip easier.

30 Mar 2010    Basic Dog Training

Although there are various techniques used to train dogs, the basics of any training regime are consistency and plenty of exercise. Discipline and affection are also key to a well-trained dog. Dogs need a leader – they feel more confident with a leader. If their owner is not the leader, they will take the role instead of their owner or anyone else. No matter what training methods you implement, without consistency, your dog will be confused. Consistency should include the whole family and any friends whom your dog regularly encounters.

30 Mar 2010    The Incredible Sense of Smell in the Dog

There are many ways in which people and dogs are similar, but an area in which dogs are much superior is in their olfactory ability, or their sense of smell.  Dogs can smell 100,000 times better than humans.  In tests, dogs have been able to detect a chemical in a solution diluted to 1 to 2 parts per trillion. The human brain has a large area devoted to vision, while dogs have a large portion dedicated to olfaction, in fact, 40% more of a dog’s brain than a human’s is committed to smell.  The average person has 5 million smell receptors, while the average dog, depending on breed, has 125 to 250 million smell receptors.  The Bloodhound has an incredible 300 million smell receptors!  Dogs can smell things up to 40 feet underground.  Dogs can even smell human fingerprints that are a week old!

29 May 2008    Causes of Canine Obesity
12 May 2008    Dog Breeds that Require Minimal Grooming

Fluffy dogs are great to look at, but that glamorous look takes a lot of effort. If you lack the time or patience to groom your dog every day, consider a low-maintenance breed.


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